About Me

Hi, I am Jalendra Bhanarkar  an Ruby on Rails developer. I love writing ruby code.

I have started writing ruby gems which can be used in rails and ruby applications. I have written following gems

  • simple_mysql_api : which is used to search the records matching the criteria mentioned. This was my first ruby gem which I have written firstly in my rails project and after I made it a gem.
  • h20: This is the simplest ruby library which is used to convert hash into the objects. We access the hash value using the key and brackets. In one project I was working with json and hash at one point I got frustrated accessing values using brackets. So I have written an simple class and to which when hash is passed gives the object and the values are accessible by calling methods. And after some day I added it as a gem. 
  • qvem: This is the gem for showing error message in qtip(tooltip)  for form.  In this gem I have used qtip2 jquery tooltip plugin to show rails error in tooltip.
  • simple_rss_parser: This gem is to fetch and parse the RSS feeds. In this gem I have used saxmachine gem to parse xml. While writing code to parse an RSS feed for my one of the projects I saw saxmachin gem and It was so simple to parse any xml and reteive nodes from it. I have added the rules for parsing the RSS feeds that came to the picture while testing the projects. So this gem is now capable of parsing almost all RSS feeds.

Connect with me 

Gist : https://gist.github.com/jbmyid
Github:  https://github.com/jbmyid
witter:  https://twitter.com/jbmyid
acebook: https://www.facebook.com/jbmyid



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